The first time I heard about this band, another one coming out of the really growing East-European scene, was because of the presence inside of it of two members of well known Polish r.a.c. group Honor (the one of the split with Graveland). But, besides this thing, Infernal War have really nothing much more in common with Honor, as the music they play is a hyperfast BM in the vein of Marduk (older ones) with a darker mood and a real uncompromising attitude. In this interview with, I discovered some particulars that I didn't know about Infernal War and their relations with Honor and Pagan Front organization: to you the pleasure to read...

Hail! This is, if I’m not wrong, the first attack from Infernal War, so it would be cool if you introduce the band to the readers.

            Hail! Infernal War was formed in the 97. In the 200 1the band recorded promo tape with 2 songs (one of them appeared on “The Day Of The Rope” compilation) and then “Infernal SS” MCD. Soon after the MCD had been released, new vocalist and bassist joined the band. Since then, we recorded a split 7”EP with Inferno (Czechia) and a split CD with Warhead (a project of Honor giutarist) entitled “Explosion” – both of them will be released in this month.

“Infernal SS” is really a kick in the ass of all melodic or commercial scum that’s infesting BM nowadays: is hyperfast, furious and really well played. Are you satisfied of its final result, or there’s something you would like to change of it, if you had the opportunity?

            Thanks. This is the way we want to play – fast and brutal. I hate all those melodic, romantic, keyboard-based pseudo BM crap. Of course there are some bands that use keyboards or play melodic that I like but there are few of such exceptions. Coming to the MCD, there are some things that should be changed but even if we had the opportunity, we wouldn’t change anything as this MCD reflects Infernal War in that time. However, the chapter of “Infernal SS” was closed. Now we concentrate on new songs.

Your style can be associated to the fast Swedish BM scene, even if I consider it, as I wrote on my review, really darker and more brutal that what the bands coming from that country are recording in the last times. Do you agree?

            I agree as “Infernal SS” was often compared to extreme Swedish BM, especially to Marduk but (as You mentioned) I think that our music is less melodic and more brutal than typical Swedish BM. However, I think our new songs will not be compared to Swedish BM anymore (especially the ones from the split CD).

It seems that you are very much inspired by war and all its aspect, most of all from the WW2, all with a good touch of antichristian attitude that’s the basilar thing of the genre. What inspires you most of all in the creation of your songs?

            Yes, a lot of our inspirations comes from WW2 but our main souce of lirycal inspiration is our hate and scorn towards judeo-christianity and today’s degenerated world. Main musical inspirations are our dark and hateful feelings and music we’ve been listening to.

I know that part of the line-up comes from the great R.a.c. band Honor: what do you consider as the most important differences between the two bands, not only musically talking?

            NO! No part of Infernal War’s line-up comes from Honor! On the contrary, the fact is that some members of Infernal War play also in Honor but Infernal War has always been the absolute priority for us. Honor has its leaders and none of them plays in Infernal War. Coming to the differences between the two bands – I think that although we have very similar (or even the same) views on many things, these two bands are totally different. Infernal War is connected with the dark side of human nature and the elitist philosophy while Honor’s lyrics concern political and social problems. Musical differences are obvious, I think.

Personally I like so much R.a.c. and Oi! music, and even if I don’t listen it since so much time as BM, I think it’s really a valid genre and musical propaganda. But it seems that many “black metallers” don’t consider them as a valid kind of music, maybe preferring to listen to some goth / gay stuff or grind shit than some good White rock. Having a strong background in that kind of things and playing in Infernal War, what do you think?

            Most of so called “black metallers” are brainless subhumans with faggot-like musical taste (I agree without any sort of doubt, ndA). It’s no use talking about them... Personally I prefer to listen BFG, Honor, Heysel or Freikorps to any vampiric, romantic, pseudo metal shit.

Honor have shown the similar proposes of NSBM and R.a.c. music, publishing a split with the cult Polish band Graveland: what made you record this split and what do you final think of it? A judgement about Graveland?

            None of Infernal War’s members is responsible for music, lyrics and releases of Honor so I can’t answer this question entirely. In my opinion the split is very good and opened eyes of a few persons. Coming to Graveland, I worship early releases of this band, such as “In The Glare Of Burning Churches”, “The Celtic Winter” etc. But I don’t consider Graveland a BM band since “Following The Voice Of Blood” album.

Do you consider Infernal War a NSBM band? I know that, in some ways you are involved with Pagan Front organisation: what’s your opinion of it and what is the relation you have with other members of PF?

            No, we don’t consider Infernal War a NSBM band but I don’t mind if anyone call us NSBM. We are not involved with Pagan Front organisation at all. I know and respect many people connected with PF but sometimes it seems that the main activity of this organisation is its website.

What do you think about the polemic “politics in music” that so many times comes out when talking about NSBM, always ending with the same stupid rhetoric considerations?

            Black Metal should not be connected with social side of NS as it is related to masses but the elitist philosophy behind NS fixes perfectly into BM. I’m tired of this polemic.

Personally, I think that NS, considering it as Ideal, Tradition and Will, mixes perfectly with some aspects of BM attitude and its mood. Like many other things, BM as different faces, and one of them can be this one. Anyway, what are your political and social believes and how much of them do you put into Infernal War music?

            Exactly. Coming to Your question, our social and political believes are strictly connected with NS/WP but we don’t put much of them into our music.

What’s your consideration of the modern society, its false “values”, the political aspects of the nowadays world and the tensions that are growing between the middle Est and the American “cowboys of the world” government?

            Modern society with all of their “values” deserves gas chamber (ahahah, very good answer... ndA). Poltical aspects of the nowaday’s world make me sick, nothing more – politically correct, corrupted worthless circus. The tension that’s growing between the middle East and the U.S.A. is easy to understand. They (USA) need oil and want to liquidate their surplus of weapon to avoid economic crisis and war against terrorism is a great pretext to do it and I’m sick when I hear that our great president (jew – by the way) declares help for America. Besides, Jew.S.A. has been interfering for too long in many things.

Talking about the spiritual side of your phylosophy, in what do you believe? Are you a Pagan, Satanist, Atheist, what? How much of your spiritual philosophy is bounded with your political way of thinking?

            I am an atheist but, in my opinion, it does not mean spiritual emptiness. Both satanism and paganism influenced my personality. I consider satanism an antireligion and paganism is a personification of the nature’s eternal laws. In my consideration, both satanism and paganism can spread almost the same views if they are understood in the right way. All those christian devil – worshippers and heritage park – pagan, fur-dressed warriors are pathetic scum. Some part of my spiritual philosophy is bounded with my political views, it is obvious.

Back to the music, can you tell me some bands that have influenced you, both in the R.a.c. / Oi! And BM?

            Once again I cannot anwer exhaustively as none of us composes music for Honor. As You can see, Infernal War has no R.A.C. influences at all. There are many Black/Death/Thrash metal bands that we love and each of them influences us in some way. But if You want some names - Sodom, Sarcofago, Bathory, Possessed, Mayhem, Burzum, Morbid Angel, Order from Chaos/Angel Corpse but it is little part of the bands that might be said to have (had) an influence on us.

Why did you decide to cover a MayheM song and why did you choose “Chainsaw Gutsfuck”? Tell me your opinion about this cult band and the modern path they have started to walk.

            Mayhem was a great band that had very strong influence on development of BM scene worldwide – that’s one reason. Another one is that we all worship old Mayhem’s recording. Why “Chainsaw Gutsfuck”? Not many bands recorded a cover of that song, maybe that’s the reason... I think that Mayhem should not have been revived after Euronymous’ death. I don’t care about their releases after “De Mysteriis...”.

An opinion about the Polish BM scene? Tell us what bands do you consider your comrades in arms…

            Polish BM scene is strong, there are some elite bands and some people truly dedicated to BM. Of course, there is also a lot of shitty poseur bands, like everywhere. Our comrades in arms are all bands that truly share our views.

Ok, I think I’ve annoyed enough. Thank you so much for your time, and feel free to end as you want or to ask me something you like to know…

            Thanks for your interest. Support Black Metal War! Hail Victory!

Of course, I will!!



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